Trenchless Pipe/Cable Laying

Broderick Electrical and Water Services have 25 years’ experience in trenchless pipe/cable laying or as it also known as ‘mole ploughing’. The principle is simple, rather than disturb the ground with conventional trench excavation methods we mole plough the pipe or cable or even both under the ground with our vibrating plough without disturbing the ground not even close to the disturbance of conventional trench excavation methods. The blade slices the ground leaving a 3-4 inch gap in the soil which can be driven over afterwards to complete the pipe or cable pull. This method provides superior savings to our customers as the labour costs decrease dramatically, depending on the type of material being pulled underground we can plough up to 5 km a day depending naturally on joints for valves or troughs etc.

We at Broderick Electrical and Water Services can lay piping or ducting from 25mm right up 110 mm diameter using our vibrating plough which can be buried down as far as 1200mm depending on ground conditions. Along with this we can lay various types and sizes of electrical and control cabling to suit your needs also.

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Our work over the past 25 years has covered the following areas:

  • Golf courses
  • Pitch and Putt courses
  • Equestrian
  • Stud Farms
  • Soccer Pitches
  • Gaa Pitches
  • Water Distribution Network for farmland
  • Municipal Authorities and Group water Schemes

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image3Broderick Electrical and Water Services have experience second to none when it comes to the agricultural sector in Trenchless Pipe/Cable laying market in the south of Ireland. Our understanding comes from our back-round in water pumps and water treatment so when we are sizing a water distribution network for your farm we know from experience inside and outside your farm what your needs are in regards to flow rates and the most economical route to bring water to your herd.

Our vibrating mole plough can provide huge savings when laying out a distribution network for your water needs. We have seen it too often where undersized pipe networks create disturbances that can cause un-necessary wastage of time and money. We can arrange a site visit to your farm to seek out what is the most economical way to provide your animals with enough EU-standard drinking water with the least amount of fuss.

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Please have a look at our clients and testimonials page to help you understand how we are Munster’s No.1 when it comes to Trenchless Pipe/Cable laying in the Agricultural sector. We must be doing something right if we’re doing it since 1975!

Broderick Electrical and Water Services have a well-earned and respected name in the sporting club network in the south of Ireland since 1975. Whether it was a pitch and putt course in Tipperary, a golf course in Clare or a GAA pitch in Cork county Broderick Electrical and Water Services have a reputation in trenchless water pipe/cable laying second to none. Our experience across the various sectors in water distribution and electrical contracting give us the leading edge over our rivals who cannot compete with our wealth of useful cost effective knowledge.

We cover all sport pitch and course venues and even cover the equestrian and stud farm areas also. Please do not hesitate to contact us

Please look at our clients and testimonials page to help yourself understand and trust how much experience we have in the Trenchless Pipe/Cable laying (mole ploughing) sector in the south of Ireland.